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Eland - African Gameheads

Eland gameheads are offered in a variety of poses and sizes. These forms are anatomically accurate and feature outstanding detail and fit. McKenzie also offers a life-size Eland by Precision Mannikins. Eland gameheads will be cut for shipping unless you specify otherwise.

Add character to your mount with our premium quality Antelope style glass eyes and a McKenzie display base with realistic looking habitat materials.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Dennis Behn

  Item # CutDescABPositionEye
LA-10YesEland - Original Series12 36 Droop, STRM36AN$337.70Buy Online
EL-7661YesEland - Safari Series13 1/2 36 Semi-Sneak, RTM38AN$337.70Buy Online
EL-7770YesEland - Safari Series13 3/4 39 Semi-Sneak, STRM38AS$352.55Buy Online
EL-7771YesEland - Safari Series13 3/4 39 Semi-Sneak, RTM38AS$352.55Buy Online
EL200YesEland 11 1/2 32 Upright Alert, STRM36AN$289.00Buy Online
EL202YesEland11 1/2 32 Upright Alert, RTM36AN$289.00Buy Online
EL201YesEland11 1/2 32 Upright Alert, LTM36AN$289.00Buy Online
EL251PYesEland - Pedestal11 1/232Scallop Back, LTM36AN$314.00Buy Online
LDEL200YesEland - Lord Derby11 32 Upright Alert, STRM36AN$325.25Buy Online
LDEL202YesEland - Lord Derby11 32 Upright Alert, RTM36AN$325.25Buy Online
LDEL201YesEland - Lord Derby11 32 Upright Alert, LTM36AN$325.25Buy Online
EL300YesEland13 36 Upright Alert, STRM36AN$301.60Buy Online
EL302YesEland1336 Upright Alert, RTM36AN$301.60Buy Online
EL301YesEland13 36 Upright Alert, LTM36AN$301.60Buy Online
LDEL300YesEland - Lord Derby13 36 Upright Alert, STRM36AN$349.10Buy Online
AA-EL-1YesEland1539 Droop, RTM38AS$348.00Buy Online
EL-7773YesEland - Safari Series13 3/4 39 Semi-Sneak, Off-Set, RTM38AS$352.55Buy Online
EL-7778YesEland - Wall Pedestal13 3/439LTM38AS$365.00Buy Online
EL-7772YesEland - Safari Series13 3/4 39 Semi-Sneak, LTM38AS$349.65Buy Online