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Elephant - African Gameheads

Elephant gameheads are offered in a variety of poses and sizes. These forms are anatomically accurate and feature outstanding detail and fit. McKenzie also offers life-size Elephant forms. If you can't find the exact form you need, give us a call. With the different life-size and shoulder forms we offer, most times, we can mix and match parts to get the form you are looking for!

Don't miss our Elephant Reproductions!

Turn your African mount into a true conversation piece with a McKenzie display base and realistic looking habitat materials.

Mount by Wes Good Studios

  Item # Add'l
ELP100Ships TruckLegacy95 106 Trunk Up, STR42mmELEYes$1,252.35Buy Online
ELPE100Ships TruckLegacyFiberglass Earliners fit ELP100Yes$716.10Buy Online
ELP200Ships TruckPrecision102 112 Trunk Down, STR, CM42mmELEYes$1,639.90Buy Online
ELPE200Ships Truck - Back UnfinishedPrecisionEars fit ELP200-ELP250-ELP275-ELP285-ELPH1 Yes$967.55Buy Online
ELPH1Ships TruckAnimal Artistry93 94 Trunk Down, STR, CM42mmELEYes$1,355.65Buy Online
ELP250Ships TruckMcKenzie90 109 Trunk Up, STR42mmELEYes$1,639.90Buy Online
ELP275Ships TruckMcKenzie106 22 Trunk Up, LT42mmELEYes$1,639.90Buy Online
ELP285Ships TruckMcKenzie106 113Trunk Up, Offset, RT42mmELEYes$1,639.90Buy Online
12-ELPH-AShips TruckFiberglass Ears fit 3-JA9400Yes$819.10Buy Online
12-8100Ships TruckJonasFiberglass Earliners fit 3-AF201Yes$1,452.95Buy Online