Life-Size Elephant Forms

Life-size Elephants are amazingly realistic, right down to the smallest details!

If you can't find the exact form you need, give us a call. With the different life-size and shoulder forms we offer, most times, we can mix and match parts to get the form you are looking for!

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
ELP500LS 95106184261 1/2Standing, Trunk Up, STR, OM42mmELEYes$17,673.30Buy Online
ELP600LS 102106184268Standing, Trunk Down, STR42mmELEYes$17,673.30Buy Online
ELP800LS 108110200313Standing, Trunk Down, LT, OM42mmELEYes$18,261.35Buy Online
ELPE300 Fiberglass Earliners fit ELP800LS$1,084.45Buy Online