Elephant - Half Life Size

Half Life-Size Elephant


McKenzie's Elephant half life-size and life-size Elephant forms are amazingly realistic, right down to the smallest details!

A complete selection of Elephant tusks and quality Elephant eyes are available to complete your trophy mount!

If you can't find the exact form you are looking for, give us a call. With the different life-size and shoulder forms we have, most times, we can mix and match parts to get the head size, trunk position, etc. that you are looking for!

Mount by Rapalee Taxidermy

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
ELP500/5 95106184Standing, Trunk Up, STR, OM42mmELEYes$10,542.15Buy Online
ELP600/5 102106184Standing, Trunk Down, STR, OM42mmELEYes$10,542.15Buy Online
ELP800/5 108110200Standing, Trunk Down, LT, OM42mmELEYes$10,925.95Buy Online