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Elk Half Life Size

Half Life-Size Elk Form

Half Life-size Elk and a life-size Elk form in popular sizes and poses. A large selection of Elk shoulder mannikins and change-out heads increases your mounting options.

Our premium quality Antelope glass eyes are suitable for commercial and competition mounts.

Display your trophy mount on a McKenzie artificial rock base accented with realistic habitat materials. Rock Panels are extremely realistic and cost effective for creating your own rock habitat for large life-size forms.

View: How To Measure For Half Life-Size Forms.

  Item # CutABCPositionEye
E102/5Yes12 1/232 1/274Standing, Bugling, RT36mmEKYes$874.85Buy Online
E171/5 1230 1/472 1/4Running, RT, CM38mmEKYes$835.95Buy Online
  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
E170/5 1128 1/260Running, LT, CM36mmEKYes$892.05Buy Online