Eye Sockets - Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson Fish Eye Sockets

This eye setting system from Matt Thompson adds expression and life to fish mounts while saving time during the finishing process. Using this technique, you will never have to clean another eye, because the eyes are installed after the painting! Improved oval design works even better. These eyes are designed to be used with the Tohickon 135 style fish eyes. Eye size to be used is the same as the socket size.

View how to use the Matt Thompson Eye Socket System.

  Item # DescriptionSizeNCOPrice  
SOC10Fish Eye Sockets10mm$2.85Buy Online
SOC12Fish Eye Sockets12mm$2.85Buy Online
SOC14Fish Eye Sockets14mm$3.00Buy Online
SOC16Fish Eye Sockets16mm$3.00Buy Online
SOC18Fish Eye Sockets18mm$3.10Buy Online
SOC20Fish Eye Sockets20mm$3.10Buy Online
SOC22Fish Eye Sockets22mm$3.10Buy Online
SOC24Fish Eye Sockets24mm$3.10Buy Online
SOC26Fish Eye Sockets26mm$3.10Buy Online