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Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer - Exotics of the World - Gameheads!

Fallow Deer shoulder mannikins by McKenzie, Precision Mannikins and KB Mannikins are anatomically accurate and detailed. A FREE McKenzie hanger is included.

Complete your mount with premium quality Fallow Deer glass eyes and a Wall Habitat®.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Wes Good Studios

  Item # Add'l
FA-26207 17 Semi-Upright, STR32mmFD $71.55Buy Online
FA-36237 17 Semi-Sneak, RT32mmFD $71.55Buy Online
FA-36247 17 Semi-Sneak, LT32mmFD $71.55Buy Online
FA-36347 18 Semi-Sneak, LT32mmFD $71.90Buy Online
FA-36337 18 Semi-Sneak, RT32mmFD $71.90Buy Online
FA-27407 1/4 19 Semi-Upright, STR32mmFD $72.20Buy Online
FA-37437 1/4 19 Semi-Sneak, RT32mmFD $72.20Buy Online
FA-37447 1/4 19Semi-Sneak, LT32mmFD $72.20Buy Online
FA-5753WPWall Pedestal7 1/420Upright, RT32mmFD $81.80Buy Online
FA-5754WPWall Pedestal7 1/420Upright, LT32mmFD $81.80Buy Online
FA-27607 1/4 21 Semi-Upright, STR32mmFD $74.50Buy Online
FA-37637 1/4 21 Semi-Sneak, RT32mmFD $74.50Buy Online
FA-37647 1/4 21 Semi-Sneak, LT32mmFD $74.50Buy Online
FD1007 17 Upright Alert, STR32mmFD $65.85Buy Online
FD1017 17 Upright Alert, LT32mmFD $65.85Buy Online
FD1027 17 Upright Alert, RT32mmFD $65.85Buy Online
FD007R7 17 Aggressive, RT32mmFD $74.15Buy Online
FD2007 19 1/2 Upright Alert, STR32mmFD $69.45Buy Online
FD2017 19 1/2 Upright Alert, LT32mmFD $69.45Buy Online
FD2027 19 1/2 Upright Alert, RT32mmFD $69.45Buy Online
FD151P Pedestal719 1/2Scallop Back, LT32mmFD $91.95Buy Online
FD152PPedestal7 1/220 1/245 Degree Flat Back, RT32mmFD $91.95Buy Online
FA-37537 1/4 20 Semi-Sneak, RT32mmFD $73.35Buy Online
FA-37547 1/4 20 Semi-Sneak, LT32mmFD $73.35Buy Online
FA-6633Wall Pedestal718Upright, RT32mmFD $79.00Buy Online
FA-6743Wall Pedestal719Upright, RT 32mmFD $80.70Buy Online
FA-6634Wall Pedestal718Upright, LT32mmFD $79.00Buy Online
FA-6744Wall Pedestal7 1/419Upright, LT32mmFD $80.70Buy Online
FDAG727 20 1/2 Aggressive, RT32mmFD $62.15Buy Online