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Ferebee Gamebird Heads

Gamebird Artificial Heads by Joe Ferebee


McKenzie Taxidermy is proud to offer these outstanding rigid plastic bird heads by acclaimed bird taxidermist Joe Ferebee. Using these bird heads will eliminate problems associated with shrinkage, neck incisions, eye setting, and will allow you to pre-paint the bill. Excellent detail. Eyes not included.

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  Item # SpeciesEye
DH58Ruffed Grouse8mm - Hazel$12.85Buy Online
DH200Ringnecked Pheasant - Cock10mm - Special Blend$12.85Buy Online
DH201Ring - Necked Pheasant-Cock w/Fall Wattles10mm - Special$12.85Buy Online
DH202Ring - Necked Pheasant-Cock w/Fall Wattles, OM10mm - Special$15.85Buy Online
DH210Crow10mm - Brown$12.85Buy Online
DH211Crow - OM10mm - Brown$16.30Buy Online
DH212Mourning Dove6mm - Brown$10.05Buy Online
DH213Hungarian Partridge7mm - Brown$11.45Buy Online
DH214Game Chicken9mm - Brown$12.85Buy Online
DH215Bobwhite Quail7mm - Brown$10.05Buy Online
DH216Golden Pheasant9mm - Yellow$11.45Buy Online
DH217Chukar7mm - Brown$12.15Buy Online
DH222Peacock10mm - Brown$14.40Buy Online
DH266Woodcock9mm - Brown$11.50Buy Online
DH218Sharptail Grouse8mm - Hazel$11.50Buy Online
DH219Ptarmigan8mm - Brown$11.50Buy Online
DH301Red - Headed Woodpecker6mm - Brown$9.60Buy Online
DH205Pheasant Hen9mm - Brown$12.85Buy Online
DH223Sharptail Grouse8mm - Hazel$12.85Buy Online