Flehmen Deer - McKenzie

Flehmen Deer Series - McKenzie

Sculpted by Dennis Behn the Flehmen Deer Series has the spectacular detail of the 8600 Series and features a detachable upper nose bridge with a positive - set for the half Whitetail jaw offered by Mohr™. A FREE McKenzie hanger is included. Several Flehmen change out heads are offered to increase your mounting options.

Create a dramatic display with a McKenzie Wall Habitat® and realistic looking habitat materials.

We are excited to introduce our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail shoulder mannikins you buy, the more you save on freight! The complete details can be viewed by clicking the link for the Whitetail Savings Club.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Kenny Gallimore & Phil Helms

  Item # ABTurnEye
FL86-7020L7 20 LTM32AS -M32PRM1194F18 1/2 22 1/2$86.95Buy Online
FL86-7121L7 1/4 21 LTM32AS - M32PRM1194F19 23 1/2 $87.65Buy Online