Gemsbok - African Gameheads

McKenzie offers a large selection of Gemsbok gameheads and several life-size Gemsbok. These forms are anatomically accurate and feature outstanding detail.

Change your mount from ordinary to extraordinary with a McKenzie display base and realistic looking habitat materials

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Wes Good Studios

  Item # Add'l
GM-4550Safari11 1/4 22 Head Low, STRM32AS - M32PR$156.40Buy Online
GM-4551Safari11 1/4 22 Head Low, RTM32AS - M32PR$156.40Buy Online
GM-4552Safari11 1/4 22 Head Low, LTM32AS - M32PR$156.40Buy Online
GM-70MediumOriginal10 3/4 24 Semi-Upright, STRM36AS$160.00Buy Online
GM-71MediumOriginal10 3/4 24 90°, RT M36AS$160.00Buy Online
GM-72MediumOriginal10 3/4 24 90°, LT M36AS$160.00Buy Online
GM-4660Safari11 3/4 24 Head Low, STR M36AS$160.00Buy Online
GM-4661Safari11 3/4 24 Head Low, RT M36AS$160.00Buy Online
GM-4662Safari11 3/4 24 Head Low, LT M36AS$160.00Buy Online
GM-4570Safari11 1/4 26 Head Low, STRM36AS$166.20Buy Online
GM-4571Safari11 1/4 26 Head Low, RTM36AS$166.20Buy Online
GM-4572Safari11 1/4 26 Head Low, LTM36AS$166.20Buy Online
GM-73Original11 26 1/2 Semi-Upright, STR M36AS$166.20Buy Online
GSB30211 1/4 27 60° Turn, Upright, RTM34AN$150.00Buy Online
GSB30111 1/4 27 60° Turn, Upright, LTM34AN$150.00Buy Online
GSB300PPedestal11 1/42745 Degree Flat Back, STRM34AN$163.25Buy Online
GSB350PPedestal11 1/427Scallop Back, STRM34AN$176.90Buy Online
GM-8661Wall PedestalSafari11 3/424Head Low, RTM36AS$168.30Buy Online
GM-8662Wall PedestalSafari11 3/424Head Low, LTM36AS$168.30Buy Online
GM-8552Wall PedestalAfrican11 1/422LTM36AS$164.15Buy Online