Gillis Snake Forms

Snake Forms by Mike Gillis

Since joining the staff at McKenzie Taxidermy Supply, Mike Gillis' understanding, knowledge, and enthusiasm for snakes has been readily evident. Mike has put all this to work for you in creating snake forms that are the industry standard. His snakes feature natural positions and great detailing for spectacular mounts. (Length and Girth measurements are in inches).

McKenzie offers a great selection of competition quality snake eyes and habitat display options that will bring your mount to life.

View: How to Reassemble Gillis Snake Forms Instructions:

  Item # DescPoseLengthGirthEye
SN-20Western DiamondbackCoiled, Closed Mouth40 1/25 3/46mm$75.40Buy Online
SN-60Western DiamondbackCoiled, Closed Mouth6087mm$102.80Buy Online
SN-61Western DiamondbackCrawling, Closed Mouth6087mm$102.80Buy Online
SN-24Timber RattlesnakeCoiled, Closed Mouth334 3/45mm$72.60Buy Online
SN-25Timber RattlesnakeCrawling, Closed Mouth334 3/45mm$72.60Buy Online
SN-22Timber RattlesnakeCoiled, Closed Mouth43 1/25 1/26mm$75.40Buy Online
SN-23Timber RattlesnakeCrawling, Closed Mouth43 1/25 1/26mm$75.40Buy Online
SN-54Timber RattlesnakeCoiled, Closed Mouth547 1/26mm$98.60Buy Online
SN-55Timber RattlesnakeCrawling, Closed Mouth547 1/26mm$98.60Buy Online
SN-G40Gaboon ViperCrawling, Closed Mouth40 1/288mm$93.05Buy Online