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Giraffe - African Gameheads

McKenzie offers anatomically accurate and highly detailed Giraffe gameheads. Several life-size Giraffe forms are also available.

Change your mount from ordinary to extraordinary with a McKenzie display base and realistic looking habitat materials.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Northeast Taxidermy Studios

  Item # Add'l
GRF201PPedestal1825Slight LT50mmGRF$1,193.45Buy Online
GRF201HDHead Only - 201PSlight LT50mmGRF$180.95Buy Online
GRF250FPFloor Pedestal1825Slight LT50mmGRF$1,136.70Buy Online
GRF2022027Slight RT50mmGRF$1,193.45Buy Online
GIRPEDPedestal20 1/225 1/2STR50mmGRFYes$1,187.70Buy Online