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Goose Bodies - Cally Morris

Goose Bodies by Cally Morris

Anatomically accurate Goose bodies by award winning taxidermist Cally Morris. Cally has found in studying bird bodies from across the country that the weight of the bird directly corresponds to the size of the body. By using weight as your guide you can order the form without having to skin and measure the carcass.

Many of the McKenzie pre-finished habitat bases are great scenes for goose mount displays.

  Item # DescriptionWeightPrice  
CG1Canada Goose4 Lbs (Live Weight)$15.35Buy Online
CG2Canada Goose5 Lbs 8 Oz (Live Weight)$17.95Buy Online
CG4Canada Goose8 Lbs (Live Weight)$19.95Buy Online
CG6Canada Goose10 Lbs (Live Weight)$20.75Buy Online
CG8Canada Goose12 Lbs (Live Weight)$22.50Buy Online
CG10Canada Goose14 Lbs (Live Weight)$24.50Buy Online
CG3Speckle Belly, Small Canadian 6 Lbs (Live Weight)$17.95Buy Online
RG2Ross Goose2 Lbs 12 Oz (Live Weight)$14.45Buy Online
S3Snow Goose5 Lbs (Live Weight)$17.05Buy Online