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Ibex - Exotics of the World - Gameheads!

Anatomically accurate and detailed Ibex shoulder mannikins from McKenzie and Precision Mannikins. These forms are offered in a variety of sizes and characteristic poses. A FREE McKenzie hanger is included.

Complete your mount with premium quality Exotic glass eyes and a Wall Habitat®.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

Mount by Phil Helms

  Item # Add'l
IX-2557Asian8 1/821 1/290 Degree, RT32mmIBX $122.70Buy Online
IX-2558Asian8 1/821 1/290 Degree, LT32mmIBX $122.70Buy Online
IB-2567Nubian - Texas717 1/290 Degree, RT30mmIBX $112.50Buy Online
IB-2568Nubian - Texas717 1/290 Degree, LT30mmIBX  $112.50Buy Online
IBX201Nubian - Texas6 3/419Upright 75 Degree Turn, LT32mmIBX $78.85Buy Online
IBX202Nubian - Texas6 3/419Upright 75 Degree Turn, RT32mmIBX $78.85Buy Online
IBS-2740Spanish7 1/418Upright, STR32mmIBX $112.50Buy Online
IB-2777Nubian - Texas7 1/21990 Degree, RT30mmIBX  $115.65Buy Online
IB-2778Nubian - Texas7 1/21990 Degree, LT30mmIBX  $115.65Buy Online
IBB-3654Beceite-Ibex717 1/2LT - SS32mmIBX  $112.50Buy Online