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Jonas Jawsets

Jonas Jawsets

Artificial jaws are superior to natural jaws because the teeth do not crack, chip or break. Perfected after years of development and testing in thousands of commercial mounts, the Jonas jawsets are faithful reproductions crafted from durable tenite plastic. Jawsets include jaws, teeth and tongue. These jawsets will maintain their authentic appearance for a life-time!

  Item # SpeciesSizeNCOPrice  
J401BobcatMedium$16.55Buy Online
J402BobcatLarge$18.55Buy Online
J403CoyoteMedium - Large$21.90Buy Online
J404Gray Fox / RaccoonMedium - Large$18.95Buy Online
J405Red FoxMedium - Large$21.75Buy Online
J407Mountain LionSmall$27.20Buy Online
J408Mountain LionMedium$24.00Buy Online
J410Black BearMedium$27.70Buy Online
J411Black BearMedium - Large$29.40Buy Online
J414African Lion$51.45Buy Online
J419Peccary$35.20Buy Online
J420Wild BoarMedium$44.00Buy Online
J421Wild BoarLarge$46.25Buy Online
J425ElkMedium - Large$39.65Buy Online
J400Badger$12.50Buy Online
J409Mountain LionLargeYes$30.25Buy Online
J406WolfYes$35.65Buy Online
J511Black BearMedium - LargeYes$30.60Buy Online
J416Mountain Lion / Jaguar / African LionExtra LargeYes$44.00Buy Online