Reptile Tan by Knoblochs


Knoblochs Reptile Tan is a specially formulated tan strictly for snakes and other reptile skins. Leaves skins soft and pliable.

Directions for Mounting Snakes or Reptiles:

  1. Soak the skin in one pound of salt to one pound of water as soon as skinned.

  2. Let soak overinight. Do not salt and dry skin. This can cause loose scales.

  3. Drain the skin and remove all meat and membrane. Be careful not to go through the skin.

  4. Rinse skin well and drain.

  5. Apply a thin layer of Reptile Tan to both sides of skin and roll up and place in a plastic bag for several hours.

  6. Now you are ready to mount the snake.

Directions for Tanning Flat Skins:

  1. After skinning, slat skin with fine non-iodized salt and let dry for several days.

  2. Soak the skin in 1/2 pound of salt to one gallon of water. Note: Remove the scales first for a softer tan. Lay the skin on a a piece of cardboard with the scale side up. Use a knife and scrape the scales till all are removed.

  3. Remove all the meat and membrane from the flesh side of the skin.

  4. Rinse well and wring out. Apply a thin layer of Reptile Tan to both sides of the skin.

  5. Roll up and place in a plastic bag overnight.

  6. Next lay out the skin on a board and stretch out evenly.

  7. When completely dry, remove from the board and work with hands until pliable.

  8. Note: The scale side of skin can be painted with 50 percent Denatured Alcohol and 50 percent clear shellac to bring out the color.


Keep Out of Reach of Children.

Note: The use of this product being subject to conditions beyond seller's control, seller makes no warranty expressed or implied as to this material or its use.

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