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Lake Trout

Lake Trout Forms by Mike Orthober

Available exclusively through McKenzie Taxidermy Supply! These Lake Trout forms by Mike Orthober offer correct anatomy, grooves for correct placement of fins, and eye-catching poses. With these kind of features, these fish forms will not only save you valuable time, but combined with your talent, will produce a mount that will more than satisfy your customers.

Order the fish body and corresponding artificial fish head individually or save money by ordering the head and body set! We recommend pre-fitting heads to bodies prior to mounting. (All measurements in inches).

  Item # TurnABCMatching
L23150LLT2318 1/215MOL010Either14mm$28.00Buy Online
L23150RRT2318 1/215MOL010Either14mm$28.00Buy Online
L28210LLT2823 1/221MOL047Either18mm$38.50Buy Online
L28210RRT2823 1/221MOL047Eiether18mm$38.50Buy Online
L29225LLT29 1/223 1/222 1/2MOL023Either16mm$39.90Buy Online
L29230RRT2923 1/223MOL023Either16mm$39.90Buy Online
L31212LLT312521 1/2MOL023Either16mm$41.40Buy Online
L31212RRT312521 1/2MOL023Either16mm$41.40Buy Online
L33262LLT332626 1/2MOL042Either22mm$42.90Buy Online
L33262RRT332626 1/2MOL042Either22mm$42.90Buy Online
L24174RRight24 3/420 1/417MOL050Either16mm$29.50Buy Online
L31221LLT3123 3/422 1/4MOL051Either22mm$41.40Buy Online
L31221RRT3123 3/422 1/4MOL051Either22mm$41.40Buy Online
L32255LLT32 1/22625 3/4MOL051Either22mm$42.90Buy Online
L32255RRT32 1/22625 3/4MOL051Either22mm$42.90Buy Online