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Leopard Eyes

Leopard eyes are offered in a variety of styles and sizes to meet your needs. Sold per pair.

Competition Series: Van Dyke's African/Exotic Competition Leopard glass eyes are manufactured into an aspheric lens with the highest quality glass available. The eyes feature a round pupil, a blended aura and a white band. They have a beautiful marbleized veining blended with a yellowish green iris color with choice of small or large pupil.

AFE Series: A concave - convex lens with soft marbleized veining and blended aura. Getting the perfect eye expression just got easier with your choice of small or large pupil.

Note:Small pupil eyes are recommended when more light is present; Large pupil is recommended when less light is present.

A large selection of life-size Leopard and pedestal forms by Precision Mannikins, Rayline Mannikins, Animal Artistry, Jonas Supply and our own McKenzie forms are offered in action poses.

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