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Lizard - Salamander Replicas

Life-Size Lizard and Salamander Replicas by Joe Morgan

Each reptile is cast using an intricate process that allows the reptiles to look like they are literally alive. Wires are cast into each toe or claw to give them extra strength. Minor flashing at the base is the only clean up you have to do to ready the replica for painting. Each replica comes complete with a detailed paint chart to aid in the painting process. Many of these replicas are endangered species but the original specimens were obtained legally for use as a reproduction. They can be used in habitat scenes, in schools for educational purposes, and in zoos for identification. These replicas come unfinished with the flash still on. Some that are on bases have little or no clean up required. The bottoms of most replicas are foam for easy dressing down with a Dremel Tool. The eyes can also be drilled out and a replacement glass eye put in place with epoxy.

Complete your replica mount with premium quality Reptile glass eyes. The replicas are then ready to prime and paint. For species with very small eyes, the eyes can be painted directly on the replica with a spot of gloss or epoxy for a very realistic effect.

  Item # SpeciesSizeEye
 MRR8Mexican Beaded Lizard22 Inch4mm$69.05Buy Online
 MRR9Gila Monster16 Inch5mm$59.40Buy Online
 MRR12Spotted Salamander7 Inch2mm$41.35Buy Online
 MRR13Mud Salamander5 Inch2mm$41.35Buy Online
 MRR14Hellbender19 Inch3mm$51.95Buy Online
 MRR54Tiger Salamander10 Inch4mm$37.15Buy Online
 MRR56Marbled Salamander4 Inch3mm$28.65Buy Online
 MRR-5Collared Lizard12 Inch4mmYes$39.00Buy Online
 MRR-4Honduras Spiny Lizard10 Inch2mmYes$37.00Buy Online
 MRR-7Savannah Monitor40 Inch7mmYes$260.00Buy Online
 MRR-6Chuckwalla Lizard13 Inch4mmYes$42.00Buy Online
 MRR-10Two Round Tailed Horned Toad Lizard3 and 3 1/2 Inch2mmYes$29.00Buy Online
 MRR-197Beaded Dragon13 Inch3mmYes$49.00Buy Online
 MRR-72Broadhead Skink9 Inch4mmYes$45.00Buy Online
 MRR-205Broadhead Skink9 Inch3mmYes$39.00Buy Online
 MRR-153Five-Lined Skink6 1/2 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-222Collared Lizard8 Inch3mmYes$39.00Buy Online
 MRR-199Anole, Cuban Brown6 1/2 Inch2mmYes$25.00Buy Online
 MRR-154Desert Horned Toad Lizard4 1/2 Inch2mmYes$35.00Buy Online
 MRR-141Fence Swift Lizard7 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-213Fence Lizard6 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-142Slender Glass Lizard26 Inch2mmYes$37.00Buy Online
 MRR-157Tegu Lizard28 Inch5mmYes$150.00Buy Online
 MRR-155Eastern Glass Lizard21 Inch2mmYes$37.00Buy Online
 MRR-200Anole, Green7 1/2 Inch2mmYes$25.00Buy Online
 MRR-207Blotched Tiger Salamander12 Inch3mmYes$40.00Buy Online
 MRR-122Marbled Salamander4 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-206Mud Puppy14 Inch3mmYes$49.00Buy Online
 MRR-203Red Elf2 1/2 Inch1mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-159Two-Toed Amphiuma24 Inch2mmYes$48.00Buy Online
 MRR-144Red Salamander3 1/2 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-115Seal Salamander4 1/2 Inch1mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-117Six-Lined Race Runner9 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-118Slimy Salamander6 1/2 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-158Spotted Salamander5 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online
 MRR-204Three-Lined Salamander3 Inch2mmYes$27.00Buy Online