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Loughmiller Rattlesnakes

Western Diamondback Rattler Forms by Wilma Loughmiller

The Loughmiller snake forms were designed by Wilma Loughmiller of Lampassas, Texas. She has incorporated a realism into the forms that has allowed her to win awards all over the country for her snakes. (Length and Girth measurements are in inches).

McKenzie's competition quality glass snake glass eyes and realistic looking habitat bases will help you achieve an award winning mount!

  Item # DescPoseLengthGirthEye
 SN-7Western DiamondbackCoiled, Closed Mouth49 1/277mm$79.45Buy Online
 SN-12Western DiamondbackCoiled, Closed Mouth5887mm$84.75Buy Online
 SN-16-OMWestern DiamondbackStriking, Open Mouth588 1/27mm$91.30Buy Online
 SN-19Western DiamondbackRaised, Strike, Closed Mouth719 1/48mm$98.00Buy Online