Life-Size Lynx Forms

Life-size Lynx forms from the McKenzie Series, Noonkester and Precision Mannikins are offered in a variety of characteristic action poses. Add realism to your mount with our realistic looking Lynx glass eyes.

A full of selection of artificial rock bases, pre-finished habitat bases and life-size wood bases are available for your Lynx mounts.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms. (Measurements shown are in inches).

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
LYNX-V1-CMYes1 3/413 1/231Running, one foot on ground, LT18mmLX$171.35Buy Online
LYNX-V1-OMYes1 3/413 1/231Running, one foot on ground, LT, OM18mmLXJBCL$171.35Buy Online
LX-9Yes21632Front Elevated, RT, CM18mmLX$135.75Buy Online
LYX201LSYes1 3/42132 3/4Walking, LT, CM18mmLX$163.25Buy Online
LYNX-V2Yes217 1/233Running, one foot on ground, CM18mmLX$182.25Buy Online
LX-11 21833Lying Down, LT, CM18mmLX$132.70Buy Online
LYNX-V3Yes2 1/817 1/236 1/2Lying, Head Up, LT, CM18mmLX$193.40Buy Online
LNX1Yes217 1/233Lying on Limb, CM18mmLXYes$161.90Buy Online
LX-1Yes218 1/231 1/2Walking Downhill, RT, CM18mmLX$136.40Buy Online
LX-2Yes22130Lying on Limb, LT, CM18mmLX$163.25Buy Online