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Item #: MMS9DC
Our Price: $63.45


Two Piece Reproduction Pronghorn Skull - Dipped, Desert Camo

The simplicity of the new Reproduction Two-Piece Skulls are also found in a wide range of camouflage dipped skull options. Options for Whitetail in Woodland or Pink camouflage Mule Deer in Desert or Pink camouflage and the impossible to find Antelope dipped in Desert or Pink camouflage patterns. The skull and patent-pending skull cap are both dipped to blend seamlessly when joined. The simple snap together skull cap is designed to take a wide variety of pedicle lengths and thicknesses. If the white of you pedicle can be seen, simple paint it, cover it with camouflage tape or even black tape.


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Two Piece Reproduction Pronghorn Skull - Dipped, Pink Camo



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