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McKenzie Antelope Eyes

McKenzie Aspheric Antelope Eyes

Premium quality glass eyes for Antelope mounts!

McKenzie Antelope eyes are easy to use and offer spectacular results! The aspheric design is one of the easiest setting profiles for mammal eyes. Made in the USA using the finest grade crystal and enameling. Offered in popular sizes for Antelope. Sold per pair.

  Item # StyleSpeciesSizePrice  
M26ANMcKenzie AsphericAntelope - Pronghorn26mm$14.55Buy Online
M28ANMcKenzie AsphericAntelope - Pronghorn28mm$15.30Buy Online
M30ANMcKenzie AsphericAntelope - Pronghorn30mm$15.85Buy Online
M32ANMcKenzie AsphericAntelope - Pronghorn32mm$15.85Buy Online
M34ANMcKenzie AsphericAntelope - Pronghorn34mm$16.65Buy Online
M36ANMcKenzie AsphericAntelope - Pronghorn36mm$16.95Buy Online
M38ANMcKenzie AsphericAntelope - Pronghorn38mm$17.15Buy Online