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McKenzie Aspheric Deer Eyes

McKenzie Aspheric Deer Eyes

McKenzie® aspheric eyes are one of the easiest setting profiles for mammal eyes. The 32 mm base is the most popular size for medium deer. A popular lens for deer and mammals. Eyes are sold per pair.

• Aspheric Lens

• Premium Quality

• Wide Range of Sizes

  Item # StyleSpeciesSizePrice  
M30ASMcKenzie Aspheric EyesWhitetail30mm$15.00Buy Online
M32ASMcKenzie Aspheric EyesWhitetail32mm$15.00Buy Online
M26ASMcKenzie Aspheric EyesWhitetail26mm$14.55Buy Online
M28ASMcKenzie Aspheric EyesWhitetail28mm$15.30Buy Online
M34ASMcKenzie Aspheric EyesWhitetail34mm$16.45Buy Online
M36ASMcKenzie Aspheric EyesWhitetail36mm$16.55Buy Online
M38ASMcKenzie Aspheric EyesWhitetail38mm$16.95Buy Online