The McKenzie Tanning System


The McKenzie Tanning System - Reliable, Consistent, Easy to Use Products With Outstanding Results

Tanning questions are the most consistent questions our technical staff receive. This is understandable because quality tanning is such a key factor toward producing quality work. Because of this the technical staff at McKenzie has developed and tested a wide variety of products to use in the tanning process. Our goal has been to develop a total tanning system. These products are compatible with each other to produce the best tan possible.

These criteria have to be met for each item tested and developed:

• The product has to be effective and easy to use.

• The product must be consistent, doing what it is designed to do each and every time.

• The products used in the tanning process must work together to provide a reliable system.

• The most important test - the product has to be good enough to put the McKenzie name on it!

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