Meder Upright Whitetail with Eyes

Joe Meder Upright Whitetail Shoulder Mannikins with Pre-Installed Eyes


With over 30 years experience in taxidermy and the unique opportunity to raise literally hundreds of deer for study, Joe Meder has become one the premier Whitetail experts in the country. He has won numerous awards including the National and World Competition levels and is constantly sought as an instructor. These Whitetail forms have the eyes set the way Joe does in his studio. With the Joe Meder forms with pre-installed eyes your work has never been easier and the results will be spectacular. A FREE McKenzie hanger is included with this series. The Meder Series ships from our Beloit, Wisconsin Distribution Center.

In the Commercial Whitetail Techniques Video Joe covers the techniques he uses in his studio for award winning quality commercial Whitetail mounts.

  Item # A
E33317"18"RTPre-InstalledYes$97.85Buy Online
E33327"18"LTPre-InstalledYes$97.85Buy Online
E34307 1/4"19"STRPre-InstalledYes$99.05Buy Online
E34317 1/4"19"RTPre-InstalledYes$99.05Buy Online
E34327 1/4"19"LTPre-InstalledYes$99.05Buy Online
E35307 3/8"20"STRPre-InstalledYes$100.40Buy Online
E35317 3/8"20"RTPre-InstalledYes$100.40Buy Online
E35327 3/8"20"LTPre-InstalledYes$100.40Buy Online
E36307 1/2"21"STRPre-InstalledYes$101.75Buy Online
E36317 1/2"21"RTPre-InstalledYes$101.75Buy Online
E36327 1/2"21"LTPre-InstalledYes$101.75Buy Online
E37307 5/8"22"STRPre-InstalledYes$104.50Buy Online
E37317 5/8"22"RTPre-InstalledYes$104.50Buy Online
E37327 5/8"22"LTPre-InstalledYes$104.50Buy Online
E33307"18"STRPre-InstalledYes$97.85Buy Online