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Mountain Goat Half Life Size

Half Life-Size Mountain Goat Forms

McKenzie offers half life-size and life-size Mountain Goat forms in popular sizes and poses. Our premium quality Mountain Goat glass eyes are ideal for commercial and competition mounts.

Display your trophy mount on a McKenzie artificial rock base accented with realistic habitat materials. Rock Panels are extremely realistic and cost effective for creating your own rock habitat for Mountain Goat forms posed uphill or downhill.

View: How To Measure For Half Life-Size Forms.

Mount by Kenny Gallimore

  Item # CutABCPositionEye
MTG-92 6 1/213 1/440Standing, Front Elevated, RT28mmWT $302.10Buy Online
MTG-95 7 1/41645Standing, Front Elevated, LT28mmWT $304.15Buy Online
RM3565MGAYes71747Standing, Front Elevated, LT28mmWT $403.40Buy Online
RM3645MGAYes7 7/81850Standing, Front Elevated, LT28mmWTYes$412.80Buy Online
MG102/5Yes8 1/21950Standing, Rear Elevated, RT28mmWTYes$314.45Buy Online
MG101/5Yes8 1/21950Standing, Rear Elevated, LT28mmWTYes$314.45Buy Online
MG172/5Yes7 1/41851Walking Downhill, RT28mmWT $325.00Buy Online
MG202/5Yes8 1/21953Standing, Front Elevated, RT28mmWTYes$336.65Buy Online
MTG-99Yes817 3/454Walking Downhill, LT28mmWT $328.70Buy Online
RM3675Yes8 1/818 1/257Walking Downhill, LT28mmWT $424.35Buy Online