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Mule Deer Heads

Mule Deer Change-Out Heads

McKenzie offers a variety of change-out heads for Mule Deer. Now you can update your form as you choose. This great selection of change-out heads will increase your options. Change-out heads are sold separately; not sold in exchange for the head sculpted for the form. Mule Deer glass eyes are available in several realistic looking styles.

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  Item # AHead
CH-466 3/4AverageM30AS - M30PR$24.90Buy Online
CH-497AverageM30AS - M30PR$24.90Buy Online
CH-527 1/4AverageM32AS - M32PR$24.90Buy Online
CH-587 1/2AverageM32AS - M32PR$24.90Buy Online
CH-627 5/8WideM32AS - M32PR$24.90Buy Online
CH-657 7/8WideM32AS - M32PR$24.90Buy Online
6MD-HD17 5/8WideM32AS - M32PR$24.90Buy Online
MDSS-HD17 3/4WideM32AS - M32PR$24.90Buy Online