New Taxidermy Forms


New Forms by Dennis Behn: This year Dennis has added 13 new sizes to the 6MD mule deer series, 6 new sizes to the 69WP whitetail series, and a new mule deer wall pedestal series (8MD Series) that includes 24 forms! Dennis has also added several other forms to various lines in order to offer a wider range of sizes and turns.

New Whitetail Forms by Matt Thompson: New from Matt Thompson is the 8700 Series comprised of 12 different whitetail forms! The 8700 series is a series of specialty forms designed to increase your customers’ options. The semi-upright, sharp turn wall pedestal provides a “Majestic Look” that is sure to please any Whitetail Hunter.

New Bobcat and Coyote Forms by Brian Hendricks: Brian has added a brand new line of Coyote forms in a “Front High, LT” pose. This series expands on last year’s “Front Low, RT” series. Also added this year is a new series of bobcat forms in “The Challenger Series” pose. As with all existing Hendricks series, these coyote and bobcat forms will have multiple head options and matching habitats. Brian’s small game forms have quickly become recognized as the industry standard with life-like, fluid poses available in a wide range of sizes.

New Bird Forms by Shane Smith: New from Shane are 13 new waterfowl forms, 2 new goose forms and 4 new turkey forms! Shane’s forms are quickly becoming one of the most popular lines in the industry. Last year’s Ghost Hanger has been a huge hit. The “No Driftwood Look” is growing in popularity, so Shane has added a few more “spin-off” options to the Ghost Hanger.

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