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New Taxidermy Forms

McKenzie is proud to introduce the new 6700 Series semi-sneak wall pedestal whitetail forms for those mature early season high fence deer. These forms combine a properly sized frame with an innovative brisket and accurately proportioned shoulders and neck to create a "realistic" look.

An exciting addition this year is a new series of black bear pedestals by John Schmidt. John and mammal expert Roger Martin have pooled their knowledge and abilities together to create a totally new black bear form. A new lip line, pre-installed artificial nose, redesigned jowls, accurate ear base design, and an improved head / neck junction are some of the exciting new features of these forms. Watch for several new sizes to be added in December!

McKenzie has added more Brian Hendricks life-size small game forms this year also. Easy-Set Face System forms are now available with a conventional head. Life-size bobcat, gray fox and red fox forms are now available in the same poses and sizes as the Easy-Set Face System.

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