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New Skull Reproductions for 2018-2019!


After many requests, McKenzie now offers Dipped Skulls with Pedicles. We are offering 3 blank skulls (SEM2, SEM3, SEM4) that have been made smooth for those who would rather dip their own skulls. If you prefer to buy them dipped, we are offering 3 Patterns: Woods Camouflage, Desert Camouflage and Pink Camouflage. Try dipping one yourself or buy one already dipped - either way, these will certainly please your customer!

Note: Since each skull is individually dipped, there may be slight variations in design from one to another, however, the theme will be consistent.

McKenzie also offers custom coloring and patterns. If you do not see a camo pattern or color you need, contact a customer service representative for more details.

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