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New Skull Reproductions for 2015-2016!

New this year is an entirely new concept in artificial skulls. The process involved in producing a realistic European mount is now easier than ever. A new option for you and your customers - Reproduction Two-Pieced Skulls!

You will find these reproduction skulls to be the easiest artificial skulls to work with in the industry. Offered in white for whitetail, and a true Mule Deer Skull or you now have the options for Whitetail in Woodland or Pink camouflage, Mule Deer in Desert or Pink camouflage, and the impossible to find Antelope dipped in Desert or Pink camouflage patterns. The skull and patent pending skull cap are both dipped to blend seamlessly when joined. The simple snap together skull cap is designed tp tale a wide variety of pedicle lengths and thicknesses. If the white of your pedicle can be seen, simply paint it, cover it with camouflage tape or even black tape.

Note: Since each skull is individually dipped, there may be slight variations in design from one to another, however, the theme will be consistent.

We also offer custom coloring and patterns. If you do not see a camo pattern or color you need, contact our customer service for more details.

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