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Noonkester Rattlesnake

Snake Mannikins from Noonkester

These snake forms are highly acclaimed for their accuracy, versatility, and ease of mounting. Manufactured in rigid foam, they can be used as is or easily modified for size and pose alterations. All closed mouth forms may be easily altered to open mouths with snake mouth inserts. (Length and Girth measurements are in inches).

  Item # PositionLengthGirthEye
WDB-23-CMCoiled, Stacked487 1/27mmClosed Mouth$72.15Buy Online
WDB-13-CMCrawling 2935mmClosed Mouth$54.65Buy Online
WDB-14-CMCrawling 464 1/26mmClosed Mouth$62.00Buy Online
WDB-15-CMCrawling 487 1/27mmClosed Mouth$67.00Buy Online
WDB-16-CMCrawling 5287mmClosed Mouth$71.10Buy Online
WDB-18-CMFigure 8323 1/26mmClosed Mouth$67.00Buy Online
WDB-21-CMFigure 85788mmClosed Mouth$76.40Buy Online
WDB-7-OMCoiled 364 1/26mmSIM1$69.20Buy Online
WDB-8-OMCoiled 466 1/26mmSIM3$74.20Buy Online
WDB-9-OMCoiled 5287mmSIM3$76.40Buy Online
WDB-10-OMCoiled5697mmSIM3$78.30Buy Online
WDB-11-OMCoiled 6210 1/28mmSIM4$84.60Buy Online
WDB-28-OMCoiled, High Striker363 1/26mmSIM1$72.15Buy Online
WDB-1A-CMCoiled2935mmClosed Mouth$62.95Buy Online
WDB-1-CMCoiled 364 1/26mmClosed Mouth$67.00Buy Online
WDB-2-CMCoiled466 1/26mmClosed Mouth$72.15Buy Online
WDB-3-CMCoiled 5287mmClosed Mouth$74.20Buy Online
WDB-4-CMCoiled 5697mmClosed Mouth$76.40Buy Online
WDB-5-CMCoiled 6210 1/28mmClosed Mouth$82.50Buy Online
WDB-29-CMCoiled, High Striker363 1/26mmClosed Mouth$70.30Buy Online