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Pedestal Bird Forms

Pedestal Bird Forms

These pedestal bird forms by Joe Ferebee are anatomically accurate and offer a unique and easy display option. The McKenzie wood pedestal or a Pre-Finished Habitat Base work great with the handy mounting rod.

  Item # DescriptionNCOBWOPrice  
WP1Small Duck - Teal Sized Bird$11.55Buy Online
WP2Small Duck - Woodduck Sized Bird$11.55Buy Online
WP3Medium Duck - Pintail,Gadwall,Wigeon$11.55Buy Online
WP4Large Duck - Mallard, Canvasback$11.55Buy Online
WP5Small Goose - Snow, White Fronted $13.95Buy Online
WP6Medium Goose - Canadian$15.65Buy Online
WP7Large Goose - Swan Sized$18.00Buy Online