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Pheasant Forms - Cally Morris

Pheasant Bodies by Cally Morris

Produce a quality mount in a minimum amount of time. The Pheasant System by Cally Morris consists of these premium quality foam bodies, pheasant heads and pheasant necks. (Measurements in inches).

Premium quality glass pheasant eyes and pre-finished habitat bases are available to finish your pheasant mount.

  Item # DescriptionLCWeightPrice  
PH1Pheasant Body Small 6 3/412 1/42 1/2 Lb$11.25Buy Online
PH2Pheasant Body Medium713 1/43 Lb$12.35Buy Online
PH3Pheasant Body Med/Large7 1/2144 Lb$12.35Buy Online
PH4Pheasant Body X-Large8 1/415 1/25 Lb$12.80Buy Online