Plant Life Preservative by Knoblochs


Plant Life Preservative is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Preserve grasses, trees, shrubs and some flowers. It can be taken into the field when you are gathering plants.


  1. Choose Plant Life Preservative color solution closest to plant chosen.

  2. Pour solution into a clean mixing bowl.

  3. Select only quality plants to preserve. Cut the plant at the base of stem using a sharp knife or scissors.

  4. Place plant in the solution immediately. Woody plants my be placed in solution up to 2 hours later, as long as 1 to 2 inches are cut off the bottom. Do not pack tightly.

  5. Mark solution level. During preserving time add more solution as needed to mark.

  6. Preserving time will vary from 24 hours to a week.

  7. Remove plants from the solution and cut off the bottom of the stem that was in the solution.

  8. Now either place the plants in an area to finish drying or in the sun to bleach out the chlorophyll to expose the lighter colors.

  9. The solution can be re-used, but you should screen the product before re-using.

  10. Clean up with warm, soapy water.


Keep out of reach of children.

Wear protective glasses. Do not get in eyes or on skin!

In case of eye contact, rinse with large amounts of water for 15 minutes. Consult physician immediately.

May stain - wear protective clothing.

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