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Shark Flint Glass Eyes

Shark Flint Glass Eyes - Van Dyke's

The Shark Flint glass eyes are a premium flat backed lens with a black slit pupil and a clear iris, manufactured by Van Dyke's in house staff. These quality glass eyes enable the taxidermist to comfortably create the design that best fits their individual needs. Van Dyke glass eyes are created to exacting specifications for consistency and quality for each and every eye produced. Sold per pair.

  Item # DescriptionColorSizeSoldPrice  
FTS12Shark Glass EyesFlint12mmPair$3.75Buy Online
FTS14Shark Glass EyesFlint14mmPair$3.90Buy Online
FTS16Shark Glass EyesFlint16mmPair$4.10Buy Online
FTS18Shark Glass EyesFlint18mmPair$4.45Buy Online
FTS20Shark Glass EyesFlint20mmPair$4.55Buy Online
FTS22Shark Glass EyesFlint22mmPair$5.00Buy Online
FTS24Shark Glass EyesFlint24mmPair$5.70Buy Online
FTS26Shark Glass EyesFlint26mmPair$5.80Buy Online
FTS28Shark Glass EyesFlint28mmPair$6.25Buy Online
FTS30Shark Glass EyesFlint30mmPair$7.15Buy Online
FTS32Shark Glass EyesFlint32mmPair$7.65Buy Online
FTS34Shark Glass EyesFlint34mmPair$8.30Buy Online
FTS36Shark Glass EyesFlint36mmPair$9.65Buy Online