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Smallmouth Bass

Arp 3-D Smallmouth Bass

The Arp 3-D Fish System for Smallmouth Bass is ready in minutes right out of the box, just attach the fins, paint, and deliver it The transparent semi-rigid fins can be heated & bent to any shape. The reproduction has excellent mouth detail and the most realistic gills on the market! Watch our Free Arp 3-D Online Video with Mike Gillis explaining the steps of using an Arp 3-D fish reproduction.

  • No Seams!

  • No Grinding!

  • No Fiberglass Dust!

View: How To Measure Arp 3-D Fish

  Item # Length
DASMB-816 1/411 1/42 Lb. 4 Oz.RT, S Curve10mm (Flex Eyes)$139.65Buy Online
DASMB-1216 3/412 1/22 Lb. 13 Oz.RT, S Curve10mm (Flex Eyes)$141.35Buy Online
DASMB-3517 1/213 1/23 Lb. 8 Oz.LT, S Curve12mm (Flex Eyes)$147.85Buy Online
DASMB-501915 1/45 Lb.LT, S Curve10mm (Flex Eyes)$160.35Buy Online
DASMB-602016 1/46 Lb.RT, S Curve12mm (Flex Eyes)$168.80Buy Online
DASMB-702216 1/27 Lb.LT, S Curve12mm (Flex Eyes)$185.75Buy Online
DASMB-6822 1/216 1/26 Lb. 10 Oz.RT, S Curve12mm (Flex Eyes)$190.00Buy Online