Snake Form Re-Assembly by Mike Gillis

How To Re-Assemble Snake Forms

Several of Mike Gillis' snake forms come in a one-piece, three section part with spacers between each section.

The snakes come with the head turned to allow the best detail possible in the molding process.

Re-assemble the snakes in a matter of minutes using the instructions that follow.

Cut out the spacer sections using the joint ridge as a guide for correct placement and angle of cut.

Cut the spacer section from the head and neck area.

Pre-fit the joints for correct fit and angle. Sand as needed at the joint.

Bondo (or use comparable glue) to put sections together in correct position and anchor with pins.

Once Bondo has set 1 hour (on average), remove pins, sand off excess at joint and proceed with mounting the skin.

Since joining the staff at McKenzie Taxidermy Supply, Mike Gillis' understanding, knowledge and enthusiasm for snakes has been readily evident. Mike has put all this to work by creating snake forms that are the industry standard. His snakes have natural positions and great detailing for spectacular mounts.

By following these easy instructions and a small amount of work on your part you will create an impressive pose.

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