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Sportsman Series Cross Reference Index Chart

The following waterfowl mannikins can be used to accommodate the species listed below.

To Mount A: Use Mannikin Rigid No. Flex Neck No.
Barrow's Goldeneye Redhead FN15 FN15A
Common Goldeneye Redhead FN15 FN15A
Greater Scaup Redhead FN15 FN15A
Old Squaw Wigeon FNW11 FN11A
Harlequin Wigeon FNW11 FN11A
Hooded Merganser Shoveler FN17 FN17A
Ringneck Duck Shoveler FN17 FN17A
Tree Duck Wood Duck S4 S4A
Mandarin Wood Duck S4 FN4A
Steller's Eider Gadwall FN16 FN16A
Surf Scoter Gadwall FN16 FN16A
Lesser Scaup Bufflehead FN12 FN12A
Ruddy Duck Bufflehead FN12 FN12A

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