Tom Sexton Sportsman Series Bass Forms

Tom Sexton's amazing Largemouth Bass mannikins are unlike anything you've ever seen before. They allow you to mount without any wasted time altering forms or covering mannikins with mache. These mannikins fit right down to the head-lock contours that practically "snap" onto your fish. This isn't some sculptor's idea of what a fish should look like -- these mannikins are ACCURATE from head to tail.

Tom Sexton's incredible bass mannikins have many outstanding features, including clear and precise anatomical reference points. Areas that formerly required modeling with clay or mache now slip into place with ease! All fin unions and fin butts are clearly marked and correctly placed.

No awkward wires through the nostrils or eyes are necessary for securing the head to the body -- a few pins are all that is necessary with unique "head-lock" contours. The accurate shape allows most Largemouth Bass to be mounted with no modifications to the mannikin and only about a teaspoon of mache. All mannikins include a plywood anchoring block molded into the center of the fish. You can completely mount a bass in only minutes!

How To Measure Sportsman Series Bass Mannikins

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