Still Life Fish Eye Lenses and Lens Caddies from Jeff Lumsden

Unleash Your Creativity Into An Original Work of Art!

Still Life Fish Lenses with No Pupil

Jeff Lumsden's patented crystal clear lens with no pupil design has all the unique anatomical features found to give a fish eye its beautiful characteristics. This is the first and only product that offers the fish enthusiast a gorgeous blank lens. Now you can paint any species, any size from 10mm to 18mm with a full sclerotic capsule and an unbelievable iris and pupil shelf that when painted promises to be the most realistic fish eye possible to achieve.

Still Life Lenses with Pre-Painted Pupils

Painting your own fish eyes is even easier with Still Life Lenses with pre-painted pupils by Jeff Lumsden. Jeff eliminated the most difficult step of the eye painting process, namely creating two matched properly shaped and contoured pupils. Now you can use the most realistic fish eyes in a fraction of the time without painting the pupils. The precisely shaped and sized pupils make for easy custom painting. Paint adheres permanently to the high grade acrylic, unlike glass flints. This is the only fish eye with lifelike interior design of the iris and pupil area. The realistic oval shaped eyes include the full sclera, for quick accurate eye setting.

Lens Caddies for Still Life Fish Eyes

We are proud to offer the Still Life Lens Caddies from Jeff Lumsden, designed to help everyone create custom eyes in a breeze! They are a hands-free rubber painting caddie with easy to use pupil and iris guides. The cross hair pupil guides are centered and pre measured as an instant tool for any pupil shape. And the iris guide feature is a simple solution for accurate painting of the iris and sclera. Your fish eyes have never been so life-like, affordable, or easier to paint than now!

Simply place the blank lens into the rubber painting caddie and use the cross hair pupil guide to draw in your perfectly matched and centered pupils. Then use the iris guide for accurate painting of the iris and sclera while the Caddie holds the lens in place.

How to use Lens Caddies with Still Life Blank Lenses:

Step 1. Placement:
Position Still Life Lens into matching sized Lens Caddie.

Step 2. Pupil:
Each cross hair guide has been pre-measured for common pupil sizing and created to be used as a grid. Pupils can be made easily by drawing an outline in the lens with a black paint pen using the guide to achieve the desired shape. Fill in solid, leaving the four guide tips visible for common size.

TIP: Highlight the guides of the Caddie with a ball point pen for even easier viewing.

Examples: Round & Common Shaped Pupil

Step 3. Iris:
This guideline shows the iris and where the sclera begins. Create a life like iris with dark details, color and metallic background.

Step 4. Sclera:
Paint the scleral band according to species.

Step 5. Finishing:
For easy handling and over spray protection, keep your lens in the caddie throughout. Seal with gloss, let dry. Now your awesome fish eyes are ready for installation!

Lens Caddie Field Testing Comments:

"It could have been good enough for Jeff to come out with the best fish taxidermy product of the new millennium with his Still Life Lenses, but he has certainly added to their ease of coloring and handling by designing a complementary Lens Caddie tool. The Caddie can make a one-time attempt at a unique fish eye just as straightforward of a process as well as multiple similar pairs by providing useful guides to depict the placement, shape and size of the pupils and iris margins."

-- Dave Campbell    

"I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at what Jeff is working on ... You guys will love these! They make it so much easier to get a centered and consistent pupil size and shape! It cuts the eye painting time nearly in half. I was able to whip out a several pair of Crappie eyes in no time. They will help you! No doubt about that."

-- Joshua Knuth    

"What an inspiration!!! I'm Rick Krane owner of Anglers Artistry, a full time fish taxidermy studio and fish taxidermy school. I have to tell you that Jeff Lumsden continues to bringing new and innovative ways to make all of our work not only better, but more cost effective and profitable!!! Jeff has once again kicked it up a notch with this new innovation for eye painting with the Lens Caddie. As a full time teacher I find great value in using this product as an exceptional teaching tool. My students have proven that anyone can paint an eye using Jeff's Lens Caddie."

-- Rick Krane    

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