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Life-Size Tahr Forms

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply offers a great selection of life-size and half life-size Tahr forms for the taxidermist. Our life-size Tahr forms are from the McKenzie and Precision Mannikins series of African an Exotic forms. These forms are well known for their accuracy and detail.

Our solid wood oak or walnut Life-size floor bases are perfect for life-size mounts.

View: How To Measure For Life-Size Forms.

Mount by Wes Good

  Item # CutABCDPositionEye
THR250LSYes717 1/44259Running Downhill, STR,CMM32AS - M32PR$636.95Buy Online
THR172LSYes7185161Walking Downhill, RT, CMM32AS - M32PR$636.95Buy Online
THR-27Yes7 1/21853 1/263 1/4Walking Downhill, STR, CMM32AS - M32PR$634.45Buy Online
THR-21Yes7 1/2164257Front Elevated, RT, CMM32AS - M32PR$620.70Buy Online
THR201LYes7184559Standing, LT, CMM32AS - M32PR$636.95Buy Online
THR212LSYes717 1/44358Walking Downhill, RT, CMM32AS - M32PR$636.95Buy Online