Thompson 8300 Whitetail Series

Matt Thompson's Semi Sneak 8300 Series Wall Pedestal


Through Matt Thompson’s lifetime of extensive study of the whitetail deer, he’s perfected not only the anatomy for this series, but the presentation is spot-on.

This sweeping, semi-sneak wall pedestal features more detail, a slightly slimmer face, and a little less turn. The 8300 fits the Southeastern Whitetail perfectly. In taxidermy, the perfect angle is so important for the absolute best presentation.

Matt nailed the angle on this series.

  Item # ABCDTurnEyePrice  
83-1870R7181720 1/2RTM32AS/PR$82.20Buy Online
83-1870L7181720 1/2LTM32AS/PR$82.20Buy Online
83-1970R719 1/21821 1/2RTM32AS/PR$84.70Buy Online
83-1970L719 1/21821 1/2LTM32AS/PR$84.70Buy Online
83-2072R7 1/420 1/21922 1/2RTM32AS/PR$87.15Buy Online
83-2072L7 1/420 1/21922 1/2LTM32AS/PR$87.15Buy Online
83-2172R7 1/421 1/22023 1/2RTM32AS/PR$88.75Buy Online
83-2172L7 1/421 1/22023 1/2LTM32AS/PR$88.75Buy Online
83-2275R7 1/222 1/22124 1/2RTM32AS/PR$90.30Buy Online
83-2275L7 1/222 1/22124 1/2LTM32AS/PR$90.30Buy Online