Thompson 9500 Extreme Sneak

Whitetail Extreme Sneak - Matt Thompson 9500 Series

A dramatic pose for Whitetail with excellent muscle and facial details. A Free McKenzie hanger is included. (Measurements are inches).

Due to the many sizes of Whitetail Deer, Matt Thompson has sculpted several Whitetail replacements heads to help solve the problem of finding the perfect form. These change-out heads have many uses and are easy to attach for a customized fit.

Add interest and dimension to your Whitetail mount with McKenzie's Wall Habitat® and realistic looking habitat materials or a rich looking solid wood panel.

We are excited to introduce our Whitetail Savings Club. In summary, the more whitetail shoulder mannikins you buy, the more you save on freight! The complete details can be viewed by clicking the link for the Whitetail Savings Club.

View: How To Measure Shoulder Mount Forms

  Item # Neck
95-1867RMedium Swell6 3/4181720 1/2RTM32AS - M32PR$71.90Buy Online
95-1867LMedium Swell6 3/4181720 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$71.90Buy Online
95-1970RMedium Swell7191822RTM32AS - M32PR$73.15Buy Online
95-1970LMedium Swell7191822LTM32AS - M32PR$73.15Buy Online
95-2070RFull Swell72018 1/224RTM32AS - M32PR$74.80Buy Online
95-2070LFull Swell72018 1/224LTM32AS - M32PR$74.80Buy Online