Thompson Pedestal

Whitetail Pedestal Series by Matt Thompson

All of our specialty forms are designed to offer your customers a very unique option for displaying their trophy whitetail. The wall pedestal forms feature an eye catching pose, excellent muscle and facial detail, exceptional symmetry, positive-set eye sockets and multi - receptive ear butts. The open mouth pedestal features a removable bottom jaw sculpted to accept a Mohr™ jawset. (Measurements are in inches).

  Item # Neck
8-1970RFull Swell7191823RTM32AS - M32PR$77.05Buy Online
8-1970LFull Swell7191823LTM32AS - M32PR$77.05Buy Online
8-2070RFull Swell72018 1/223 1/2RTM32AS - M32PR$79.35Buy Online
8-2070LFull Swell72018 1/223 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$79.35Buy Online
8-2172RHeavy Full Swell7 1/4211926RTM32AS - M32PR$80.75Buy Online
8-2172LHeavy Full Swell7 1/4211926LTM32AS - M32PR$80.75Buy Online
85-1867RHDMedium Swell6 3/4181721RTM32AS - M32PR$74.80Buy Online
85-1867LHDMedium Swell6 3/4181721LTM32AS - M32PR$74.80Buy Online
85-1970RHDMedium Swell7191822RTM32AS - M32PR$77.05Buy Online
85-1970LHDMedium Swell7191822LTM32AS - M32PR$77.05Buy Online
85-2170RFull Swell72118 1/225RTM32AS - M32PR$80.75Buy Online
85-2170LFull Swell72118 1/225LTM32AS - M32PR$80.75Buy Online
85-2275RFull Swell7 1/2222026RTM32AS - M32PR$82.15Buy Online
85-2275LFull Swell7 3/82421 1/225 1/2LTM32AS - M32PR$82.15Buy Online
PSL2175(Open Mouth Pedestal)7 1/222 1/221LTM32AS - M32PR$88.05Buy Online