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Thompson Timber Rattler

Timber Rattler Forms

McKenzie Taxidermy Supply is proud to offer Matt Thompson Timber Rattler forms by National Award Winner Gene Dobbs. These snake forms are positioned in natural poses with accurate detail and anatomy. All snake forms are manufactured of rigid foam which allows for easy alterations of size. Bring your snake to "life" with our quality snake glass eyes.

Note: When ordering Timber Rattler forms, measure from head to base of tail, excluding rattles. Measure greatest girth. Most snakes will fit a form three to four inches longer than they measure because of natural stretch caused during skinning. (Measurements are in inches).

  Item # DescPoseLengthGirthEye
TR24CTimber RattlesnakeCrawling, Closed Mouth243 1/25mm$47.20Buy Online
TR27CTimber RattlesnakeCrawling, Closed Mouth2745mm$48.85Buy Online
TR31CTimber RattlesnakeCrawling, Closed Mouth313 3/45mm$50.65Buy Online
TR40CTimber RattlesnakeCoiled, Closed Mouth404 3/46mm$57.10Buy Online
TR43CTimber RattlesnakeCoiled, Closed Mouth435 1/26mm$59.75Buy Online
TR49CTimber RattlesnakeCoiled, Closed Mouth496 1/26mm$62.65Buy Online
TR56CTimber RattlesnakeCoiled, Closed Mouth5677mm$67.90Buy Online