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Toad Replicas

Life-Size Toad Replicas by Joe Morgan

Each toad replica is cast using an intricate process that allows them to look like they are literally alive. A minor flashing at the base is the only clean up you have to do to ready the replica for painting. The unpainted replicas comes complete with a detailed paint chart. McKenzie Taxidermy offers premium quality glass Reptile Eyes.

  Item # SpeciesSizeEye
MRR3Southern Toad2 1/2 Inch6mm$28.60Buy Online
MRR11Texas Horned Toad5 Inch2mm$37.15Buy Online
MRR-133American Toad3 Inch4mmYes$27.00Buy Online
MRR-169Colorado River Toad6 Inch12mmYes$59.00Buy Online
MRR-165Couch's Spade Foot Toad2 1/2 Inch4mmYes$25.00Buy Online
MRR-96Fowlers Toad3 Inch4mmYes$27.00Buy Online
MRR-164Green Toad1 1/2 Inch3mmYes$25.00Buy Online
MRR-149Gulf Coast Toad3 Inch4mmYes$27.00Buy Online
MRR-168Marine Toad5 1/2 Inch10mmYes$40.00Buy Online
MRR-129Narrow Mouth Toad1 Inch2mmYes$25.00Buy Online
MRR-120Oak Toad1 Inch2mmYes$25.00Buy Online
MRR-160Red Spotted Toad2 1/4 Inch4mmYes$27.00Buy Online
MRR-151Spade Foot Toad3 Inch4mmYes$25.00Buy Online
MRR-218Spade Foot Toad2 Inch3mmYes$25.00Buy Online
MRR-163Woodhouse Toad3 Inch5mmYes$29.00Buy Online