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Turtle Replicas

Life-Size Turtle Replicas by Joe Morgan

Each turtle replica is cast using an intricate process that allows them to look like they are literally alive. A minor flashing at the base is the only clean up you have to do to ready the replica for painting. The unpainted replicas comes complete with a detailed paint chart. McKenzie Taxidermy offers premium quality Reptile glass eyes.

  Item # SpeciesSizeEye
MRR18Alligator Snapping Turtle7 Inch Shell Length5mmYes$76.35Buy Online
MRR20Spotted Turtle4 Inch Shell Length4mmYes$40.35Buy Online
MRR21Eastern Box Turtle4 Inch Shell Length5mmYes$44.55Buy Online
MRR22Bog Turtle4 Inch Shell Length4mmYes$41.40Buy Online
MRR23Wood Turtle7 Inch Shell Length5mmYes$100.75Buy Online
MRR24Diamondback Terrapin - Male5 Inch Shell Length4mmYes$44.55Buy Online
MRR57Painted Turtle5 1/2 Inch Shell Length4mmYes$55.20Buy Online
MRR58Desert Tortoise11 1/2 Inch Shell Length6mmYes$190.90Buy Online
MRR59Snapping Turtle5 Inch Shell Length4mmYes$62.60Buy Online
MRR61Loggerhead Turtle - Hatchling2 Inch Shell Length3mmYes$26.65Buy Online