<b>Using Corner Mount Converters</b>

How To Attach a Mount Converter to a Form

Now any gamehead mannikin you use can be mounted as an innovative corner mount! The Sportsman Series Corner Mount Converters easily attach to any existing deer head mannikin, so you can take advantage of this exciting display idea on any size, pose, or mannikin line you prefer! Corner mounts are gaining popularity with sportsmen, and are perfect for your clients who say they don't have enough room for another game head in their den. The Corner Mount Converter was invented by taxidermist Louis Spina of New York, and is so unique it's even patented (U.S. Patent No. 270,904). This is the best new innovation for deer heads we've seen in a long time! Try this -- just hang one corner mount in your showroom and see the excitement it creates with your customers! Corner mounts include two plywood backboards set at a right angle to each other. Available in six sizes to fit most any game head mannikin. To order, measure the width and height of the backboard of your mannikin and choose the appropriate size.

Step 1: Rasp or sand the face of the Corner Mount Converter to remove any wax.

Step 2: Position the mannikin with the backboard facing up (a big garbage can will work).

Step 3: Spread a thin mixture of Bondo over both surfaces.

Press them together and allow the Bondo to cure completely.

Step 4: If necessary, rasp any excess foam.

Use maché, clay or Bondo to fill in and match the anatomy of the mannikin.

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