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Elk Eyes

Van Dyke glass eyes are created to exacting specifications for consistency and quality for each and every eye produced. Elk glass eyes are available in a variety of styles, sizes and options. Sold per pair.

Natural Eyes™: Glass eyes feature a soft marbleized veining blended with a realistic Elk coloration. The white scleral band includes realistic red veins at the corners of each eye. This is the absolute most natural eye on the market!

Bip-Optix II Series: Aspheric lens feature a natural "A" shaped taper from the top of the eye to the base, surrounded by a white band.

Pre-Rotated II Series: Premium quality aspheric shaped lens with marbleized veining blended with realistic coloration and white band.

AFE2 Series: Premium quality glass eyes with featuring a white scleral band with red veining at the corners of each eye.

AFE Series: Concave/convex glass eyes feature high quality veining without a white band. Suitable for competition or commercial taxidermy!

ACV Series: Van Dyke's ACV series of Antelope eyes features an aspheric lens with mottled circular veining.

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