The WASCO AWARD for the Most Artistic Entry - 2007

The WASCO Most Artistic Entry Award is presented to the most artistic piece in a taxidermy competition. The winner is chosen collectively by all of the judges from the entire competition. WASCO Award winners receive a polished acrylic award and a gift certificate from WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company). The following taxidermists have been recognized by their peers for their innovation, skill, artistic talent and high quality. Clicking on entries highlighted blue will display a photograph of the winning entry.

Charlie Lastella, Jupiter, FL. - Whitetail Deer
February 10, 2007, Florida State Taxidermists Association

Jerry Froelich, St. Cloud, MN. - Atlantic Brant Goose
February 17, 2007, Minnesota Taxidermy Guild

Devin Amelunke, Fredericktown, MO. - Turkey and Possum
February 24, 2007, National Wild Turkey Federation

Richard Harper, Plains, GA. - Largemouth Bass
February 24, 2007, Georgia Taxidermist Association

Mike Nakielski, Iron Ridge, WI. - Wood Duck Group
February 24, 2007, Wisconsin Taxidermists Association

Darrell Rollans, Little Rock, AR. - Crappie
February 24, 2007, Arkansas Taxidermy Association

Rick Starostki, St. Charles, MO. - Bobcat
March 3, 2007, Association of Indiana Taxidermists

Kurt Schirado, Bismarck, ND. - Tahr and Chamois
March 10, 2007, North Dakota Taxidermists Association

Frank Newmyer, Galdwin, MI. - Pair of Capercaillie Grouse
March 10, 2007, Pennsylvania Taxidermists Association

Brad Laaker, Godfrey, IL. - Harlequin
March 10, 2007, Illinois Taxidermists Association

Anissa Gallegos, Las Vegas, NM. - Javelina
March 10, 2007, New Mexico Taxidermists Association

Terry Weick, Hopkins, MI. - Eiders
March 17, 2007, Michigan Taxidermist Association

Jerry Froelich, St. Cloud, MN. - Ringneck/Woodduck Cross
March 17, 2007, South Dakota Taxidermists Association

Cory Caruthers, Urbandale, IA. - Blue Goose
March 18, 2007, Iowa Taxidermists Association

Dale Manning, Missoula, MT. - Flying Cinnamon Teal
March 24, 2007, Montana Taxidermists Association

Dan Martin, Deer Park, MD. - Mountain Goat
March 24, 2007, Virginia Taxidermists Association

Sandy Sylvester, Tuckerton, NJ. - Muskrat
March 31, 2007, Delaware Taxidermists Association

Brian Banbury, Perrysville, OH. - Wood Ducks
March 31, 2007, Ohio Taxidermists Association

Dennis Schumacher, Garden Plain, KS. - Ringneck Pheasant
March 31, 2007, Kansas Association of Taxidermists

Tomas Berube, Poland, ME. - ______
March 31, 2007, Maine Association of Taxidermists

Cory Logo, Greenville, PA. -Common Goldeneye
March 31, 2007, West Virginia Taxidermy Association

J.R. Butler, Hulett, WY. - Mule Deer & Indian Sculpture
May 4, 2007, Wyoming Association of Taxidermy Artists

Randy Terry, Fort Smith, AR. - Black Duck
May 5, 2007, Mississippi Taxidermy Association

Joe Strange, Houma, LA. - Blackbuck
May 5, 2007, Louisiana Taxidermy Association

Scott Furguson, Alpha, NJ. - Bufflehead
May 5, 2007, Garden State Taxidermy Association

Mark Benfield, Lincolnton, NC. - Redheads
May 18, 2007, The Surry Taxidermy Mini-Course

Grant Wilborn, North Ogden, UT. - ______
May 19, 2007, Utah Taxidermist Association

Richard Bolduc, Austin, Quebec - Moose Calf Group
May 20, 2007, Quebec Taxidermists Association

Andrew Hajek, Brighton, CO. - Surf Scoter
May 26, 2007, Colorado Taxidermist Association

Al Baken, Apple Valley, CA. - Dorado
June 2, 2007, Idaho Taxidermists Association

Stan Gross, Hollywood, AL. - _____
June 2, 2007, Alabama Taxidermy Association

Todd Kranau, Blue Hill, NE. - Caribou and Wolf
June 2, 2007, Nebraska State Taxidermists Association

Charlie Thurston, Klamath Falls, OR. - Green-Winged Teal
June 9, 2007, Oregon Association of Taxidermists

Stacy Jeter, College Station, TX. - Otter
June 9, 2007, Texas Taxidermy Association

Wes Burris, Jonesboro, IL. - Ringneck Pheasant
June 9, 2007, Tennessee Taxidermists Association

Joe Szabo, Burlington, NJ. - Whitetail Deer
June 9, 2007, New England Association of Taxidermists

Anissa Gallegos, Las Vegas, NM. - Javelina
June 9, 2007, Arizona Taxidermy Artists Association

Dan Martin, Deer Park, MD. - Mountain Goat
June 10, 2007, Eastern Regional Taxidermy Competition

Pascal Therrien, Windsor, Quebec - ______
June 16, 2007, Canadian Taxidermy Association

Clayton Holloway, San Antonio, TX. - Wolf Pup
June 22, 2007, Oklahoma Taxidermists Association

Stefan Savides, Klamath Falls, OR. - Valley Quail
June 23, 2007, California Taxidermists Association

Steve Young, Valdosta, GA. and Frank Newmyer, Gladwin, MO. - Ocellated Turkey Group
July 21, 2007, National Taxidermists Association

Stephen Dotson, Jackson, MO. - Pair of Mallard Hens
August 4, 2007, Missouri Taxidermist Association

Joe Szabo, Burlington, NJ. - Whitetail Deer
August 5, 2007, United Taxidermists of New York

Michael Vaden, Madison, GA. - Pair of Plush-Crested Jays
August 11, 2007, Georgia Taxidermist Association

Bryan Stillwell, Huntersville, NC. - Wild Turkey
August 18, 2007, North Carolina Taxidermy Association

Harry Whitehead, Nicholasville, KY. - Canvasbacks
August 25, 2007, Kentucky Taxidermy Association

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